Sangoma A108DE 8Port Card


The A108DE PCI Express has hardware based echo cancellation across 240 channels.The A108 is the octal port version of Sangoma’s family of Advanced, Flexible Telecommunications (AFT) hardware designed for optimum support of voice and data over T1, E1 and J1.



Sangoma A108DE Key Features
  • Eight T1/E1 ports with a single PCI interface for high performance voice and data applications.
  • TDM clocking mode: Network timing can be passed from a network -connected DS0 to any or all of the other ports. Both T1 and E1 are supported simultaneously, making it possible to mix T1 channel banks and E1 networks with full channel synchronization.
  • Line decoding: HDB3, AMI, B8ZS. Framing: CRC4, non-CRC4, ESF, D4T1/E1.


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