Know Our Team

We have skills, we save you money and maximize your profit, we help your company cut the cost and improve profit significantly without any investment required. We flourish on expertise and experience in Customer support, Virtual assistance, Dispatch services among others and has the team consist of coordinators and compliance officers when it comes to Flex job and Locum services. We have worked with various Healthcare Agencies/Locums in UK and has provided customer support to companies in US. We are not only providing back-office support/Virtual Assistance to our clients but also can help you build better relation with their customers with our innovative approach the WOW dream framework when it comes to providing customer support in general be it Chat, email or phone support


When it comes to providing support as Backend support for Locums, our Coordination team assists of the recruitment consultants in completing the tasks for them so that they could focus on resourcing the candidates. Our coordinators chase the candidates for their core documents for induction; make the checklist of candidates and sending them to the hospitals and book shifts. Our Compliance officers assist the compliance department. They help in sorting a candidate’s documents, checking the validity of documents, applying DBS, references and right to work, help clearing the audits.

Hands on Experience:

· Our team has more than 2 years of experience in the healthcare sector.

· We are highly trained and skilled.

· We know the customer support and healthcare industry rules and regulations.

· We have helped the clients in clearing the audits.

· We have helped the client’s in completing the targets.

· We can help in the payroll process.


In today’s ever increasing energy price and rising costs. Cost cutting is one of the tool to stay afloat. This is where MT services come in. We offer Different solutions but rather on competitive rate. We know cost cutting is your top priority but you do not want to compromise on quality. Now we have the right solution for you. MT services not only have trained staff but they are qualified and have experience to fill in the roles you require.

What do we offer?

We can offer Chat support, Call support, Back office support, Record keeping , Payroll, Recruitment services when it comes to Flex jobs and you name it and we have it in store. We know in today’s highly competitive world, Retaining your customer guarantees your success and that cannot be done without satisfied customers. MTS provides you with WOW customer experience with our expertise and from the experience we have gained over the years serving in the field. Even if you are not able to offer or solve the customer issue but we will leave them with the experience they would remember with our DREAM framework of customer handling.

What are your needs?

Please fill in here with your requirements and one of our representatives will get back to you. We will ask a few questions but listen more on your Requirements. Remember, we do not sell – we solve your problem.